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As global markets become a more complex business models, coupled with the competitive environment developing into white-hot stage and Customer service quality, price and speed of response to growing demand are becoming imperatively high; it is obvious that for any business to survive, it must be based on the needs of customers to provide a higher level and value-added services in order to maintain competitiveness in the world market.

CARLCON GROUP since its inception, has been adhering to the purpose of enhanced products and sincere services, hence our goal does not simply lie in the future to meet the customer’s needs, but anticipating exceeding customer expectations, to prove CARLCON GROUP for the market’s most innovative industry outfit. We plan carefully to investors customers everywhere with a constant unshaken spirit and experience to assist them get a better solution to meeting their future challenges.

CARLCON GROUP, conglomerate of business companies specializes on management of Free Trade Zones and business development Consultants; economic development investment promotion; Hospitality industry, and information technology. We have established a long term and stable business relationship with more than 12 countries and regions globally.

We adhere to the Business philosophy of ‘Integrity, Professionalism, Enterprising and Mutual Benefits’. Since the founding of the CARLCON GROUP, we have established a standardized Business management system on the basis of this philosophy. We are purpose driven based on actively managing the risk, following market practice and fully leveraging the strength of our broad cooperation with our partners.

In addition to improving the quality of services, the quality of our employees and information technology are given equal importance. We continue to invest in the development and improvement of capital facilities in order to better cope with future challenges. With its stock of professionalism, the Group has achieved remarkable success, laying the foundation for future development and success. Our confidence has aligned us on the pledge to maintain industry leadership. We respect our employees and do our very best to provide them a platform to realize their potential.



We are honest and truthful. Which explains our moral obligations to our clients and employees.


We account for our activities, deliver our promises and transparent in all our dealings in line with global best practices.


We are dedicated and earnestly devoted to the pursuit of excellence by providing value adding solutions to what we do.



We are equipped with related abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that enable us effectively exceed our clients’ expectation.


About Carlcon Group

In Carlcon, We Believe That Greater Height Is Better Achieved By Interdependence Than Independence.


Our vision is to become the best service provider by optimizing customers’ supply chain with our global visibility and network; to become the most reliable business partner of global agencies with our skill and efficiency. Our road map to the future is built on the following pillars:

Unity: One company-one team and though we have four subsidiaries and possible more in future, we operate seamlessly as one company. Growth: In outperforming market growth, we focus on maintaining our growth across all segments of our business so as to keep the whole CARLCON GROUP in a sustainable development for the future. Excellence: Perfection is our goal. Everyday we strive to delivery perfect services to our clients.

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